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Better Living Counseling Services Inc


Better Living Counseling Services, Inc. was started in 1994 as a counseling group working mostly with the mental health needs of individual clients on an out-patient basis. In addition, the company provided Family Support and Supervised Visitation services to families in the Omaha area. A need was recognized for services that didn’t discriminate against clients based upon race, age, and sexual orientation, ability to speak English, education level, and financial status.

The company offered assistance to anyone who was willing to make a change. Within the past few years, Better Living Counseling expanded its service area in order to reach clients in the rural communities in the eastern third of the state. The company now serves nine communities and their surrounding areas. With over 100 employees, the company is able to provide multiple services to nearly 1000 families and individuals each year. The company continues to expand its growth into communities that are in need of quality services. Better Living is well on its way to fulfilling its mission to strengthen and improve current family functioning by cultivating growth and change in order to preserve the family unit throughout Nebraska.


At Better Living Counseling Services, Inc., our mission is to strengthen and improve current family functioning by cultivating growth and change in order to preserve the family unit.

Our mission is supported by goals that outline the nature of our services. Goals of focus include but are not limited to:
  • Offering quality services that are family centered, community based, and culturally competent
  • Preserving the dignity of all families and individuals
  • Creating a family environment that is safe, healthy, and nurturing
  • Achieving and maintaining economic self-support
  • Preventing or remedying neglect, abuse or exploitation of children and adult individuals unable to protect their own interests
  • Improving parenting skills and promoting child development
  • Facilitating positive relationship building and bonding among family members
  • Providing needed emotional support and developing alternative support systems within the community
  • Modifying and Eliminating dependency upon substances and other addictions
  • Enhancing communication skills
  • Improving the quality of life for those we service
The values at Better Living Counseling Services, Inc. are the foundation that supports the quality of services we provide. The owners and employees of Better Living strive to exemplify these ideals through their contact with the families and individuals they service. Each employee in the company possesses and demonstrates the following values:

  • Accountability
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Tolerance

Corporate Office Address P.O. Box 34367 Omaha, NE 68134