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QA Technologies

QAT was founded in March 1995 and is guided by a management team with over 75 years of software development and application integration experience. The company is headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska and have the distinct honor of being recognized by the Omaha business community as one of the fastest growing firms in the Midwest.

We are a leading global services and products provider specializing in the use of application delivery technologies ranging across Java (J2SE & J2EE), .NET, Web services, SOA, and 4GL solutions. QAT’s primary competitive advantage is our focus and unique ability to develop and deploy enterprise-level e-business systems that leverage the strengths of each of the previously mentioned core competencies.

Our consultative approach to development includes the use of a proven methodology that combines the best of service oriented development and pattern application assembly. Available to customers through our solutions offerings, we have formalized the processes and tools necessary to achieve high performance development. Based upon the extensive experience of our architects and development professionals, QAT customizes and leverages solutions such as QAT Wizard, QAT Publisher and QAT Exchange to rapidly produce world-class and cost-effective applications. An ever-growing list of productivity tools and business components from QAT are commercially available to greatly improve the delivery speed and quality of your IT Department’s efforts. Our solutions offering supports all of the critical areas of development ranging from establishing application infrastructures to project accelerators to complete enterprise-level applications.

QAT has repeatedly witnessed that those customers who fully utilized our results-oriented solutions were consistently successful and extremely satisfied with the end-product of their application development efforts. QAT professional services are available to federal, state and local government entities through GSA Schedule 70 (IT Professional Services, #GS-35F-0074P).

Organization Values

QAT values enduring relationships and seeks to help clients to attain the full benefit of their IT investments. QAT’s commitment to quality ensures successful implementations.