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Orion Healthcare Technology

We are dedicated professionals building relationships with behavioral health professionals, helping them to succeed through a better understanding and implementation of quality technology solutions for their clinical, research and administrative processes.  

When the doors opened for Orion Healthcare Technology in 1992, there was one simple vision…to develop and bring automation to the behavioral health field, making the daily tasks and procedures for clinicians easier to make the lives of their patients better. That single vision grew into what Orion is today, with the company offering a variety of products and services capable of handling the needs of behavioral health providers.

Orion offers an entire electronic health record (EHR) and practice management system that automates daily workflow of agencies and profesionals all over the nation. Orion's customer base has a diverse range, from individual private practices, to entire counties, states, native tribal communities, and even countries. As a leader in the behavioral health technology solutions market, Orion is poised for continued growth into the future.