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Republic National Distributing Company

Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC) is an organization built on the strong foundations of long-term, well-established family owned companies. The earliest RNDC predecessor company traces its roots back to a single distributorship that was founded back in 1898 in Pensacola, Florida.

Today, RNDC is the second largest beverage alcohol distributor of premium wine and spirits in the U.S. with wholly owned operations in Alabama, Colorado, District of Columbia, Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Carolina, North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia. RNDC also operates in Arizona, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Oklahoma, and South Carolina through venture partnerships. In total, RNDC employs more than 7,000 hard working individuals nationwide.

RNDC’s board of directors consists of Eddie Block, Chris Carlos, John Carlos, Jay Davis, Alan Dreeben, and Jerry Rosenberg, who oversee the company. An executive operating committee works to provide the company with the diversity and flexibility to manage the changing needs of its customers and suppliers. The operating committee is comprised of Tom Cole, President; Bob Hendrickson, Executive Vice President, and Greg Johnson, Chief Financial Officer.


  • 1898 - Goldring founds the N. Goldring Corporation as the first licensed beer distributor in Florida
  • 1934 - Post prohibition – N. Goldring reopens as wholesale liquor distributor
  • 1935 - Chris Carlos founds Dixie Wine Company in Atlanta
  • 1939 - Block Distributing opens in San Antonio, Texas
  • 1942 - Chris Carlos and Al Davis become equal partners in newly formed National Distributing Company, Inc. (NDC)
  • 1946 - Magnolia Marketing distributorship founded in Louisiana
  • 1947 - NDC enters Florida market through acquisitions
  • 1964 - 1968 - Magnolia Shreveport and Heritage House in New Orleans opens respectively 1970 - Magnolia Marketing distributorship opens in Mississippi
  • 1980 - NDC enters Colorado market
  • 1990 - Magnolia Marketing acquires United Beverage of Arizona
  • 1991 - NDC enters New Mexico market
  • 1993 - NDC enters South Carolina market
  • 1995 - NDC enters Ohio market
  • 1996 - Block-Goldring Partnership formed as Republic Beverage in Texas
  • 1997 - The Block-Goldring partnership form Republic Beverage Company (RBC) after purchasing two existing distributors in Houston and Dallas
  • 1997 - NDC enters Mid-Atlantic region (Maryland, Virginia, and D.C.)
  • 2005 - All distributors of the Block-Goldring partnership are all named Republic Beverage Company
  • 2006 - Republic Beverage acquires Congress Distribution in North Dakota, SODAK Distribution in South Dakota and Commonwealth in Kentucky
  • 2006 - RBC acquires Horizon Wine and Spirits of Kentucky
  • 2006 - RBC and NDC announce merger of the two companies into Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC)
  • 2007 - Combination completed and new company RNDC formed
  • 2008 - RNDC and Capital Group combine in Joint Venture to create RNDC of South Carolina
  • 2008 - RNDC enters Nebraska by acquiring two independent distributors, Nebraska Wine & Spirits and the former United Distillers Products Company which traces its roots back to 1893
  • 2010 - RNDC enters Indiana through a Joint Venture agreement with National Wine and Spirits
  • 2010 - RNDC expands its existing spirits brokerage business by acquiring Sparrow and Associates in Virginia and North Carolina