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Sleight Advertising

The History

In the late summer of 1988, Iris Sleight, a successful thirty-something advertising executive was met with an unfamiliar challenge: an adorable 7-pound baby girl who demanded lots of attention and slept very little. Iris, determined to be a stay-at-home mom, decided that returning to her prior position at a Kansas City agency was not an option. But Iris’s passion for helping clients grow their business was too intense to keep bottled up for long, even in a world of endless diaper changes. So, one morning (we aren’t quite sure of the exact day), Sleight Advertising was born, somewhere between the coffee maker and the telephone in the Sleight’s suburban home. 

Thanks to 12 years of experience in radio sales and management, it didn’t take Iris long to win her first client. The agency’s humble beginning may have seemed anything but historic, yet what has transpired since then is nothing short of extraordinary. 

Today, Sleight Advertising is a national agency, working in markets across the country and the world. Our staff of fifteen gifted media, branding and creative professionals serves over 100 clients in the business, financial, medical and service sectors. Thanks to a unique hybrid approach that uses the best digital and traditional strategies, we are experiencing another season of innovation and growth. 

We see the future as even more exciting as we help our clients adjust to generational shifts that will bring significant opportunities for growth and expansion.

If you’re ready to help co-create breakthrough strategies and effective brand development, we would love to learn about your vision.