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The Omaha Housing Authority

The mission of the Omaha Housing Authority is to provide safe & sanitary housing to low and moderate income people; and to provide its residents with the resources they need to become economically independent. QUICK FACTS Established: The Omaha Housing Authority was established in 1935. Funding: The Housing Authority receives operational funding for its traditional housing programs from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, from the rents it collects each month, and from the City of Omaha. Additional funding is received for the Omaha Housing Authority’s non-traditional housing programs through federal and private granting sources, and contractual agreements local colleges and universities, other human services agencies, and the local private sector. Jurisdiction: The City of Omaha represents the largest metropolitan area in the State of Nebraska and is the center of the geographic area served by the Omaha Housing Authority. Omaha is also the State’s most diverse in population, economic base, social, and economic need. The city limits of Omaha extend over 100 square miles, and the four county metropolitan area covers nearly 2,000 square miles. Population has grown steadily for the past five decades, with a current population of over one million people within a 50-mile radius of the city. Oversight: Each of the five members of the Omaha Housing Authority’s Board of Commissioners is appointed by the Mayor of Omaha and serves a five- year term. The primary responsibilities of the Board of Commissioners are to set policy for the agency and to serve as a check and balance of the functions of the Omaha Housing Authority. The Omaha Housing Authority provides a wide variety of comprehensive and successful traditional and non-traditional housing programs to its residents and other low-income individuals within the Omaha Metropolitan Area. Each of the housing programs is funded through various federal and private sources as well as collaborative efforts with numerous human service agencies. The Authority recognizes that singly it cannot eliminate all of the barriers and provide all the supportive services needed by the low-income community. Collaborative efforts have been formed with various local and private organizations. Through the formation of these cooperative efforts, the Omaha Housing Authority offers to residents an array of successful supportive services in the areas of training, transportation, employment, youth recreational & sporting activities, educational and cultural programming for youth. The housing authority also assists residents by making referrals to a number of community agencies. Offices: The Omaha Housing Authority has various on-site locations throughout the City of Omaha. The main office is located at 1805 Harney Street, Omaha, NE 68102