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C-Tec AG

C-TEC AG provides Concrete Repair, Millwright Services, Roofing, Silo Cleaning, and Soil Stabilization.

Greg and Amy Wurst started C-TEC in 1995 in York, NE.  Greg had 13 years of field experience, while Amy had business experience. The company steadily grew and a team of core workers became the backbone of C-TEC Construction.

Greg Wurst’s innovative ability to see structures soon allowed him to become a leader in the industry.  His mentor model of personally working along side the crews through the years to the present has developed many leaders in our industry.

What we are most proud of is our employees.  We don’t just have one or two – we have a whole group of people that work from their hearts and care about the job they provide. They are humble and credit each other, as a team.”  Greg Wurst