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C3 Brands


Waitt Brands was founded in early 2012 by Dana Bradford, Norm Waitt and John Schuele to acquire consumer brands that represent a clear purpose and compel consumer loyalty through quality product offerings and consistent performance.

About Us:

C3 Brands builds and sustains brands through exceptional people passionately dedicated to creating and delivering compelling products to the marketplace. Every action within C3 has a clear purpose dedicated to consistently delivering compelling products and brand experiences.


More than tenets of the C3 Brands model, our strategic and operational values are centered on the importance of being clear on what we do, and how we do it; delivering compelling value to our stakeholders through our product offerings and business practices; and ensuring what we do, will be done consistently.


Our focus is on meeting the needs and preferences of our retail customers and their consumers. We work closely with our retail customers to clearly understand their consumers’ demands and preferences, and use that information to develop products and programs that consistently achieve their business objectives through compelling consumer experiences.