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Xcel Roofing

Xcel Roofing is a multi-state contracting service business with offices in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, South Dakota and Arizona.  Scheduled and approved offices to open in 2019 Q1/Q2 will be in Minnesota and Wisconsin with additional service reach into North Dakota.  The company is nationally recognized for being one of the fastest growing roofing contractors in the United States.  This is happening by design and through our insistence to be fair minded and support the communities that we service.  The 2018 Better Business Bureau Integrity Award Winner, Xcel Roofing is recognized by its peers for operational excellence, outstanding culture and participation in helping to make the lives of others better.  Early in 2019 Xcel received the National Owens Corning Community Impact Award.  Xcel Roofing is recognzied across the U.S. by its suppliers as being the best the industry has to offer through very difficult to achieve Platinum Designations.  Also, nationally recognized through the largest insurance managed care program in the United States as a Lightning Preferred Contractor and earning a highly sought after seat on their Board of Advisors.  Plans for additional expansion across the United States are already in play and will be achieved at a remarkable pace in the coming years.  This 29 year old business has only just begun to spread its wings and take its marketshare across America.