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Nonprofit Film School


We are storytellers. Stories are how we connect with others.


Nonprofit Film School was created by the team at Reliant Studios, a full-service video production company in Lincoln, Nebraska.


At Reliant, our bread and butter is helping organizations expand their mission and tell their stories through clear, emotionally-compelling and goal-achieving videos. Through creative video storytelling and production, we compel and ignite viewers to take action, resulting in incredible outcomes.


We deeply love and believe in what we do. We’re made up of caring, accomplished and diverse creatives who continuously develop and enhance fool-proof methods for our creative process. In fact, these time-proven methods are exactly what inspired us to find a way to share this expertise with others — and thus, Nonprofit Film School was born!


The teachers of Nonprofit Film School are experts in their field and have spent years studying and perfecting all elements of video storytelling.


Nonprofit Film School is our online, go-at-your-own-pace course created to teach all the basics of storytelling and video production. It was crafted with beginners in mind and provides all the resources to actually execute what is learned.