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H4 Technology, LLC


About Us

H4 Technology develops cloud based healthcare data management and analytic software using the latest and greatest of the Microsoft stack. Our new client projects and loyal customers constantly push us to innovate our technology solutions and build integrations with other data applications.


Our single-source data management platform, COMPASS, empowers healthcare organizations to efficiently manage, integrate and analyze their data. 

COMPASS is a comprehensive healthcare data infrastructure that includes 4 key components.

system agnostic - Integration

data cleansing and storage/warehouse

dashboards and self-service reporting

application interfaces

H4 Technology is a rising star in the growing healthcare technology space and this success is enabling us expand our team.  We deeply value every team members input and technical ability so we strive to find those people that want to drive innovation forward.


Why H4T?

Relaxed Dress

Flexible hours

No Set Vacation Policy.  We are all adults here.  Take time when you need it.





Owners are your coworkers not outside investors.


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