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Omaha Surgical Center

Nebraska's Leading Outpatient Surgery Center 

The Omaha Surgical Center was the first outpatient surgical center in Nebraska established in 1979. OSC has provided the highest level of experienced care to thousands of patients. All surgical procedures are conducted under the highest standards and do not require any overnight stays. 

Our commitment in providing each patient with the best possible level of care begins with our highly-trained and experienced staff. This dedicated team of health care professionals are involved with the patient and physician during every part of the pre- and post-operable stages at the Omaha Surgical Center. 

The growing number of participating physicians utilize the Omaha Surgical Center because of our highly accredited staff and the incredible regulatory standards that this facility maintains. In addition to providing a excellent facility and staff, the Omaha Surgical Center is committed to leading the way in outpatient surgery by its continued investment in providing some of the most advanced surgical equipment and technology. 

Experience. Care. 

A focus on patient care and convenience is what you will experience at the Omaha Surgical Center. Beginning with the flexibility your doctor has in scheduling your procedure, to working with a dedicated team of healthcare professionals, to being able to access some of the most advanced outpatient surgical equipment and technology. Our center exists to meet your needs, and to provide a higher level of care and convenience than you might receive elsewhere. For additional patient comfort, safety and convenience you can access the Omaha Surgical Center through an enclosed private garage. 

Before and After Surgery 

Once you are scheduled for surgery at the Omaha Surgical Center please call (402) 391-3333 one week in advance of your appointment for a pre-admission interview.

A pre-op nurse will answer your questions about preparing for surgery and ask you to provide a brief medical history and information about medications or allergies. A nurse will also let you know what time to arrive and provide you with any other pre-op instructions. Remember to bring your insurance card with you on the day of your surgery. 

Please bring someone with you on the day of your surgery that can help in getting you home after your procedure. A companion can be with you before and after surgery and you will need a ride home. In addition, you will receive verbal and written instructions of how to care for yourself after surgery. A nurse from the Omaha Surgical Center will contact you the day after your surgery to see how you are feeling and to answer any questions you may have.