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Hearing Testing Inc

Hearing Testing Inc was founded over 22 years ago and is proud to still be servicing today many of our very first clients! Our story began in 1993 when our founder, Alan Ellison, a hearing aid dispenser in Grand Island, NE, was approached by an industrial company to help with their hearing conservation program.  Having grown up on a farm, Alan was quite handy and soon built the first mobile hearing testing unit.  

Today, our units travel to clients in 18 states throughout the midwest providing mobile hearing testing and respiratory testing services to clients in a variety of industries.  As a regional provider, we are extremely proud that our growth has been purely organic and driven by our reputation. The majority of year-over-year business growth comes from referrals by our loyal customers! As a matter of fact, we do very little, if any, advertising.  (We are looking forward to updating our website once we are able to hire more team members and can spend a bit of time on it!) 

The bottom line?  Alan's dedication to his customers and their employees, along with a do-the-job-right-the-first-time mentality, has earned Hearing Testing Inc a reputation like no other in our industry.    

We are excited to be moving into a new era of growth!  We have big plans to expand and are looking for people to join our firm who want more than just a paycheck - those who want to be part of creating company they can be proud of.