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D3 Banking Technology

Our DNA is midwestern and the first quality we look for in people that join our team is rectitude. It’s an old word – from the Middle English vocabulary by way of the French. We admit it is NOT a word commonly used here in the Midwest. In fact, it is not commonly used anywhere to our knowledge but we like the definition: “the state or quality of having a constant direction and not being crooked or bent.”

Every company says they want people who are fair, honest, pragmatic and hard working. It is almost cliche now for companies to talk about how they want to empower their people to “do the next right thing". We want to work with people who already feel they are empowered in this way. That's what the word "rectitude" implies. We consider hiring too important to be cliché. The openings we have available are listed below. To learn more about how we are changing the face of digital banking follow us on Linkedin and Twitter.