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MarketSphere Consulting

MarketSphere was founded in 2002 as a consulting firm helping clients improve business performance, leverage technology, and increase market share through a broad range of advisory and technology solutions.  The original vision was simple…"to be the most respected business advisor in the markets we serve."  Over the first 10 years, revenues grew by 2,000%, headcount increased to more than 250 employees, 13 physical office locations were established around the country, and some of the largest companies in the world engaged MarketSphere as a trusted advisor.


In 2013, MarketSphere made a strategic decision to divest of its world-class Oracle consulting business to enable it to grow and prosper on a larger strategic platform.  This transaction led to the restructuring of MarketSphere Consulting and the formation of MarketSphere Ventures.   MarketSphere Ventures currently owns and operates a number of unique businesses including MarketSphere Unclaimed Property Specialists, EMMsphere, MDR Group #250, and iCatch.  The company’s core objective is to incubate, develop, operate and grow each business, maximizing their potential on the MarketSphere Ventures platform.


As a common theme, MarketSphere utilizes technology and proven business strategy to enable its afiiliated businesses and customers to Innovate Faster, Operate Smarter, and Scale More Gracefully.  Our unique approach leads to the delivery of quality services and innovative products for clients, higher employee satisfaction, and maximization of shareholder value.