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Premier Bank-Omaha Premier Bank

Mission Statement

At Premier Bank, our mission is to establish and grow relationships with businesses and consumers that directly contribute to the ways they are able to manage their money, build and preserve wealth, finance purchases and grow businesses more successfully and profitably. 

Vision Statement

Premier Bank will be a high performing community banking organization where satisfied customers have access to industry leading technology and service oriented professionals to help them achieve their financial goals.

Core Values

At Premier Bank, we believe our actions distinguish us as an exceptional group of banking professionals dedicated to providing the highest level of service to our customers. Our core values are the foundation of our beliefs that create the Premier Bank difference.

We will be:

Reliable - our customers can be confident we will answer their questions and handle their requests promptly and effieciently

Professional - we take pride in our work and will treat all customers with the utmost respect and dignity

Our Actions will be:

Trustworthy - we will be honest and fair in all aspects of our business and in all dealings with our customers

Responsive - we strive to meet our customers' needs in the quickest, most efficient manner possible

Our Solutions will be:

Innovative - we will work to provide industry leading processes and technology that makes banking easier for our customers

Customer Oriented - our goal is to help our customers achieve their financial goals