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McCallie Associates Inc

Established in 1982 McCallie has grown into an experienced provider of information technology solutions and services, professional engineering, subject matter expertise and operational support to clients in federal and state government and commercial markets throughout the United States.  We have supported the Department of Defense for over 31 years performing a variety of roles as both a subcontractor and prime contractor for mission critical support. We have also supported public health for over 20 years, providing information management systems for state and Tribal health departments to support national public health programs.

Today, McCallie is a woman-owned and controlled small business.  We are headquartered in Bellevue, Nebraska with a regional office in Colorado Springs.  McCallie has two wholly owned subsidiaries, OxBow Data Management Systems, LLC and Veteran Defense Services, Inc.  Each company brings strengths that together enable our “McCallie Family of Companies ” to deliver a full range of services and products to customers nation-wide.

McCallie delivers high quality mission/business and systems support on competitively bid work for DoD, Federal, and State Agencies.  Based on the needs of our customer, we perform contracts either by ourselves or teamed with other companies, serving as either a prime contractor or subcontractor to provide:

• Technicians, analysts, and engineer teams to support our customer’s technology infrastructure, networks, software, and communication systems;

• Subject matter experts and experienced mission personnel to assist, advise, support, and train government customers in mission areas, business processes, and information flows; and

• Team leaders and individuals who coordinate, manage, and perform within multi-company teams to support network centers, projects, operations, upgrades, and maintenance activities.

More than 90 percent of McCallie's business is working and serving side-by-side with military and civil service customers. 

McCallie's culture of flexibility and work team approach enables us to apply the right skill sets at the right time.  We excel in using fully integrated, self-managed work teams as a means of delivering our services.  Our corporate culture nurtures flexibility to anticipate and accommodate change and bring innovation as our customer’s requirements evolve.