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Lincoln Surgical Hospital

About Us  

 Founded in 1994, Lincoln Surgical Hospital offers our patients a truly unique and memorable hospital experience. Unlike other traditional hospitals, Lincoln Surgical Hospital provides our patients the opportunity to recover from their surgical procedure in a relaxing environment with more personal attention and care from our medical staff. Our facility boasts larger, more comfortable patient rooms and amenities frequently available in five star hotels.

Our philosophy of care is simple – we want to provide our patients, staff and doctors with an environment that lends itself to healing and quality healthcare so we can return you to your normal lifestyle as soon as possible. Lincoln Surgical Hospital has a higher nurse to patient ratio, which means you or your loved one receive more personalized attention at our facility than anywhere else in our region. It’s also important to note that our infection rates at Lincoln Surgical Hospital are much lower than the industry average, helping to ensure the quickest recovery possible for our patients.

Lincoln Surgical Hospital is a physician owned facility–which means doctors make the vital decisions to run this hospital, keeping excellent patient care at the forefront of the decision making process. The bureaucracy frequently present in larger, traditional hospital institutions is nowhere to be found at Lincoln Surgical Hospital – we are here to serve our patients first and foremost.

What started out as a two-operating room ambulatory surgery center for outpatient eye surgeries has now expanded to 85,000 square feet with 9 operating rooms, 21 inpatient beds, 22 outpatient beds and 4 extended stay beds. Lincoln Surgical Hospital now performs over 11,000 surgeries a year.

Lincoln Surgical Hospital is among 250 surgical specialty hospitals in the United States and the only multi-specialty surgical hospital in Nebraska.