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Celebrating 12 years of serving small and midsize businesses!


As an extension of your staff, our technology experts help you meet daily business requirements, in addition to strategic technology consulting needs.


Innovative Solutions Our commitment to providing proven services and expertise to diagnose technology problems continues to resonate with our clients. We not only meet your IT support needs, we also consult with you to determine innovative solutions that will allow your business to avoid potential problems and get ahead of the curve. Proven Services Our breadth of services assures business owners and staff that their needs are met and they have a trusted partner to turn to when a daily requirement needs help or long-term, proactive strategy needs to be developed. Our New Division!  Formed in January 2011--Chris Vilim, President of CoreTech, and Kevin Mitchell, SecureTech’s Director of Security Services--combined their knowledge, experience and resources to form a division that would serve clients with integrated security and technology services.  The formation of the division fills a void in our marketplace for a company providing a complete IT-based security solution with an integrated systems approach. Too many times, security equipment is put in place independent of business processes and IT system needs. The result is a fragmented system that does not function at the level required. SecureTech brings together a unique approach, expertise and innovative solutions. The result is thorough, independent and scalable system designs that meet the needs of small to large corporations.

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