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OCi Insurance & Financial Services, Inc.

OCI was founded in 2003 with the goal of helping brokers navigate the dynamic world of health insurance and employee benefits. A family-owned general agency based out of Omaha, Nebraska, OCI helps over 2,500 brokers from California to Florida and everywhere in between. Since its inception, OCI has remained steadfast in the pursuit of helping agents be successful and continues to thrive now more than ever.

People often ask what OCI stands for but the truth is OCI is not short for anything – it’s simply a way of doing business, going above and beyond to educate brokers, ensuring their clients are receiving the best possible products and service. All of this without taking any of the agent’s hard earned commissions.

OCI's mission is to help guide brokers through the complex and ever-changing world of health insurance and employee benefits. Customer service is priority number one, with the ultimate goal of helping the professional broker become more efficient and successful than they could on their own.