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LaRue Coffee

LaRue Distributing, Inc., was founded in 1972 by Verlyn L’Heureux as Fountain Products of Nebraska, a 

franchise selling Fountain Products including freeze dried coffees, teas, and soups to businesses in 

Eastern Nebraska.  Mr. L’Heureux grew the business to include Nebraska, Iowa, and Northern Colorado. 

In 1975, the company incorporated and changed it’s name to LaRue Distributing, Inc.  LaRue entered the 

fresh roasted coffee business, and introduced it’s own private label, "LaRue" brand, which is roasted to 

each customer’s specifications.  LaRue quickly expanded into restaurants, convenience stores, and 

institutional coffee services.  By the mid-1980’s, LaRue had expanded throughout six states and 

increased its product line to over 230 products including non-carbonated beverages, cappuccino 

products, snacks, and paper supplies. 


Today, LaRue services convenience stores, restaurants, institutions, and business offices in 11 states and 

ships nationwide from its 30,000 square foot warehouse facility.  Route personnel provide product 

delivery and equipment maintenance on a routine, scheduled basis to meet each customer’s individual 



Founder and CEO L’Heureux attributes the growth of LaRue Distributing to loyal employees, excellent 

customer service, and quality products delivered at competitive prices.