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Midwest Holding Inc

About Us

Midwest Holding Inc. was founded as a Nebraska holding company by Rick and Travis Meyer in October 2003. Through their efforts, more than $11 million was raised from 4,400 residents of Nebraska for the purpose of building and developing not only successful and profitable holding company, but also to charter a life insurance company to serve residents of the state. The $22 million is the largest successful intrastate offering in Nebraska's history. The Board of Directors of the Company represent all areas of the State and are committed to the motto of "by Nebraskans for Nebraskans."


In September, 2009, Midwest capitalized American Life & Security Corp. the first life insurance company organized in the state in more than 30 years. Today, American Life is successfully writing life insurance on residents of Nebraska.


Midwest continues to aggressively pursue its long-term growth strategy of building a large, profitable financial services company. Management has added several key individuals to help guide the company towards the attainment of these objectives. Towards attainment of these goals, Midwest intends to pursue mergers and acquisitions of other holding or life insurance companies. Additionally, management is looking for a Nebraska-based bank to join forces with to provide additional benefits for our shareholders and policyholders.


Management realizes that liquidity is key to all shareholders and is currently working on a strategy to provide liquidity for those individuals who want to buy or sell shares of the Company's common stock.