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Design Data

Design Data was founded in 1981 in Lincoln, Nebraska because of a need to improve the quality and accuracy of construction drawings.  The application of computer science technology became the strategic vision of Design Data’s founder, James Dager, who invented the company’s software product, SDS/2.  Ever since the product’s inception, the company has applied technological advancements and innovative ideas to improve the product’s capabilities.  Today Design Data is a software developer with a variety of products that find solutions for structural steel industry professionals to convert data to digital files.  Design Data’s customer base consists of steel detailers, fabricators, structural engineers, erectors, and general contractors within North America plus 17 other foreign countries. The knowledge, innovation and creativity of Design Data’s employees have perpetuated the product’s success while driving sales to over 10,000,000 per year on the average. Based on the Design Data’s vision

  •  Most steel structures are detailed either with software sold by Design Data or by software based on Design Data’s ideas
  •  HQ is located in Lincoln, Nebraska

Major accomplishments include:

  •  Automatic 2D drawing generation from a 3D model
  •  Automatic connection design
  •  Framing situation checking of opposing and interfering connections, and automatic modification of these connections
  •  CNC data generation from 2D drawing and the 3D model
  •  3D solids modeling
  •  Multi-user network access (both local and wide area)
  •  Parametric modeling
  •  Data links to third-party packages (a forerunner to BIM)

New Products

  • SDS/2 Erector        
  • SDS/2 Engineering
  • SDS/2 Connect, integration with AutoCad  
  • SDS/2 Approval
  • SDS/2 Mobile

Design Data is comprised of 64 employees. We have 37 employees with a BA/BS degree, 23 of which hold their undergraduate degrees from UNL, and 18 with an associate degree through community colleges. We have 10 employees with Master’s Degrees, 7 obtained through UNL, as well as 3 employees with a Doctorate in Civil Engineering, one from UNL, one from the University of Wyoming and the other from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale.  We have a temporary employee with a Juris Doctorate Degree in Law. We provide SDS/2 software FREE to educational institutions, colleges, technical schools and most recently, high schools.  Through such cooperative efforts, we are actively promoting technology by sharing the results of our innovative software enhancements for educational purposes. Educators and students of all levels are encouraged to attend Design Data’s basic training classes or spend time shadowing staff members to enrich their knowledge or to enhance their career aspirations. Design Data’s success is linked to the success of its staff.  From experience gained in the classroom to implementing knowledge and skill in the workspace we strive to hire self-starters with the ability to focus on innovative methods to solve complex problems. Consideration for employment through our selection process has been developed by examining our staff’s characteristics such as: motivation, hard work, effort, determination and problem solving.  After all, to be the best we look at character, knowledge and talent which in the end, continues to propel our success by hiring successful people.