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National Everything Wholesale

Where Unsung Heroes Make It Happen  


Ever Think About . . .


the kind woman who works hard scrubbing and cleaning so the offices are sharp and presentable for employees and customers; and yet, why do so many just walk by her and not know her name?


or, the MacGyver-like maintenance "guy" who takes great pride in calmly dealing with the chronic complainers about the HVAC system, burned out light bulbs, etc. or has to show up horribly early in the morning so the walks and parking lot get cleared of ice and snow; and yet, why doesn’t he get the same recognition as all the other "office" folks?


or, the Store Manager who thoughtfully takes ownership of every little detail so customers have a wickedly pleasant shopping experience and who tirelessly works to build customer loyalty; and yet, how few appreciate how exhausting those efforts are?


or, the hospital environmental services "guy" whose professionalism is in action when he quickly and carefully cleans up urine and bodily fluid spills the "right way" to prevent deadly infections and HAIs; and yet, why do too many patients, doctors and administrators look down at him?  


Unlike other mega-corporations who horribly treat and condescend to customers like numbers . . . we know their names . . . we know their stories . . . we know how hard they work and their pride.  


Unlike others, our job is to provide the day-to-day and occassionaly hard-to-find products and tools these Unsung Heroes need to be successful.  Our reward is their professional advancement and success.


They Believe.  Do You Too?  


Unquestionably . . . they belief that its' really the frontline hardworking folks are really the unsung heroes . . . who make this world go.


It’s not a product. It’s not a computer. It’s people . . . whose pride and perseverance get the toughest jobs done.

While National has a ginormous diversity of more than 70,000+ items, they understand products don’t get results . . . it’s the people using these products that matter.

These folks are pleasantly odd. Their products and services aren’t glamorous or sexy, but if you consider how brutal this recession has been on people and their families, these unglamorous and unsexy products actually offer good job security.

Since 1979, National has been a quietly successful family and veteran-owned company of smart and resilient people, most of whom just happened to stumble upon this weird industry by way of friend or luck. They have "old school" beliefs on what is right and wrong . . . and that persistence and working hard is notable.

Rather than most who just go through the motions each day at their jobs, they believe in creating their own individual professional legacy: Making It Happen.  


You ready?   . . . to take more responsibility in a role where you have the opportunity to make an impact? . . . to Make It Happen?