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Magnolia Homes

The Way We Do Business.

We’re one of the most versatile and esteemed independent home builders in the Midwest, and we’ve gone from being great to being even better.

With a skilled and dedicated management team plus a cadre of accomplished and experienced building craftsmen, we’ve earned the reputation for consistently remarkable value and quality across a wide spectrum of home building projects, from affordable, livable tract homes to expensive custom quality homes.

But now the “better” has arrived in the form of a legendary name in the building industry that brings with it a reputation for not only quality, but integrity and honesty: a unique approach to doing business that is unmatched in the industry. That name is Harry Karsten and his reputation for conducting business “the right way – every time,” is unparalleled.

The Karsten family pioneered the earliest factory-built construction all the way back to the 1960s. Like Magnolia, they were dedicated to quality factory-built production standards even before the fledgling industry had any standards, but it was their unwavering ethical business practices of plain-spoken honesty and resolute, absolute integrity that brought them the respect, admiration, and even the affection of developers, retailers, and customers across the western U.S.

They founded and helped to flourish two of the most successful factory-built housing enterprises in the west and the southwest. Those companies dominated because of their unfailing quality of product, but more importantly because of the unmatched building and buying “experience” they brought to the customer that became the trademark of Harry Karsten.

Now that integrity and rewarding building and buying experience comes to Magnolia and the heart of America. Today Magnolia, with its reputation for remarkably sound and high quality homes, is merged with the unique customer experience pioneered and nurtured for nearly six decades by the Karsten family tradition.

So whether you’re a homebuyer looking for an 800 to 8,000 square foot home, functional or luxurious to a fault, affordable or customized to a “T,” we’re your first and only choice. So come join our growing family. That’s Magnolia Homes. No kidding, you’re going to love the experience. “You’re going to love us!”