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Rite of Passage - Uta Halee Academy

About Us

Rite of Passage is a leading national provider of programs and opportunities for troubled and at-risk youth from social services, welfare agencies and juvenile courts. For over 30 years, we have developed and operated a continuum of programs based on the needs of youth and our placing agencies. Our programs include community-based services, day schools, academic-model facilities, gender-specific treatment and secure facilities. With our emphasis on evidence-based practices and positive skill development, combined with our supportive therapeutic approach, our organization is highly respected by industry experts – and a highly effective solution for our youth.


At Rite of Passage, it is our mision to provide an environment where all youth feel safe, learning thrives, and accountability for behavior is a source of pride. We believe that changing behavior first requires an atmosphere of trust and safety and that all student needs are met. 


This is why Rite of Passage's facilities are licensed, accredited and meet the highest standards and requirements of our industry. Our facilities are safe, clean, structured and controlled, and give youth a sense of well-being. Meeting the students' needs and ensuring their health, safety and welfare is key to our success. Only within this context of a protected environment can long-lasting behavioral changes be instilled.