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Childrens Square U.S.A.

The Christian Home Association-Children’s Square U.S.A. is a private, not-for-profit, non-denominational organization that has been serving the needs of children and families since 1882. Whether providing crisis-intervention services for families through our 24-hour hot line, supervising foster homes or offering a safe haven for children in times of crisis, Children’s Square U.S.A. impacts the lives of more than 400 children every day. With more than 180 dedicated employees in Council Bluffs and Sioux City, Iowa, as well as Omaha, Nebraska, Children’s Square U.S.A. is one of the area’s largest child care employers. Our services include the following:

Psychiatric Residential Treatment Program

The Psychiatric Residential Treatment Program provides a therapeutically planned group living and learning environment for children between the ages of 8 through 17 who have a mental health disorder and related behavioral problems. Individualized services are planned and implemented by a multi-disciplinary team. The child’s social, emotional, cognitive and physical skills are fostered while adaptive skills necessary to function successfully are taught.  

Children’s Emergency Shelter  

The Shelter provides short-term care and assistance for children ages birth through 17 years. Services include protective placement of children who need shelter to ensure their safety and well-being; transitional shelter stays for children awaiting other placement; a safe haven for runaway and homeless youth, and diagnostic evaluations.  

Children’s Center  

The Children’s Center operates quality early childhood development programs in Council Bluffs. The pre-school program is designed to excite children’s learning by offering a unique and stimulating environment combined with a developmentally sound pre-school and childcare program. Both programs serve children ages 6 weeks-6 years of age, but are licensed for children up to 12 years of age.  

Academic Center  

The Academic Center provides educational programming for students with behavioral difficulties in grades 1-12. The center serves students who require intensive individual support and are in need of a self-contained classroom. The special education instructional program is approved by the Iowa Department of Education. The curriculum includes core academic subjects as well as problem solving, social and life skills and enrichment activities.  

Foster Care Services

Foster care services are provided in both Iowa and Nebraska.  These services recruit and train foster families and provide in home safety services to children.

While the reasons for existence, scope of services provided and the children and families served are broad based and delivered through separate corporations, the following mission statement underscores and guides all activities, functions, and services:  

To teach each child every day, the values and life skills essential to a successful life - one full of caring, contribution, and commitment empowering each with:  

The Vision to See. . .   and the value of setting an ideal for which to reach;  

The Courage to Try. . .   and the value of accepting each obstacle as a challenge to meet; and  

The Will to Succeed. . .   and the value of making the commitment to persevere.