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Top seven jobs for introverts

The best jobs for introverts

Are you an introvert, or an extrovert?

The terms date back to Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, who came up with them in the 1920s, and influence how we view ourselves and others in social situations.

Introverts are often thought of as quiet, reserved, and introspective people who may have a preference for written over verbal communication.

These labels don’t apply to everyone, obviously, but if you’re an introvert, you may be looking for a job that allows you a little more peace and quiet and less customer interaction—with a side of independence.

These are our top seven jobs for introverts.

Top Seven Jobs for Introverts

Network Security Administrator

What You’ll Do: A network security admin safeguards a corporation’s data. The post involves managing firewalls, anti-virus software across many users, and implementing policies for the safe handling of digitally stored data.

Median Salary: $64,264

Web Developer

What You’ll Do: The job itself is what it sounds like—you develop apps and websites for the web. In practice, it involves designing and coding, and knowing computer languages like HTML, CSS, Java, and much more. (If this career interests you, learn more at the AIM Institute’s Interface Web School.)

Median Salary: $58, 497


What You’ll Do: A copywriter is a writer who focuses on writing advertisements or marketing-focused content. Typically found in an advertising or marketing agency, the job isn’t as glamorous as you might have seen on episodes of Mad Men, but it does call for creativity and often the ability to work on your own to meet deadlines.

Median Salary: $49,664


What You’ll Do: Crunch the numbers. Accountants can work with individuals or organizations, but the job will require focus and detail to ensure that you can accurately analyze financial information and make correct determinations from the data.

Median Salary: $50, 562

Graphic Designer

What You’ll Do: While a copywriter might write the words for an ad, the graphic designer is the person who will create the artistic vision. Graphic designers can work in web or print, and often do both, but this job requires someone with artistic talent.

Median Salary: $43, 293


What You’ll Do: Many might think of working as a librarian as little more than putting books back on shelves, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. This position requires management skills to effectively oversee the cataloguing of book collections, as well as research skills and computer skills.

Median Salary: $49, 286


What You’ll Do: Great photography is as much an art form as painting, and a good photographer has the ability to capture the artistry of a single moment in time. In addition to an artistic eye, a photographer also needs the technical skills needed to understand complex camera operations and lighting their scenes.

Median Salary: $45, 474

Finding a Job as an Introvert

Finding the right match for your skills is critical to enjoying what you do over the long term.

Introverts “recharge” through time alone rather than engaging with others, so look for positions that allow for periodic independent work to give you the time necessary to fill up your spirits and be more productive.

You should also understand the office environment before you begin a new position—an open floor plan office may not be conducive to your ongoing success.

And finally, learn about a company’s culture—everyone, both introverts and extroverts, needs support. Be attentive to how well the company supports its employees and gives them the tools and resources to be successful.

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