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Podcast Episode 1 – Jim Collison, Director of Talent Sourcing at Gallup

CareerHub Podcast Episode 1


Show notes for CareerHub Podcast Episode 1
Jim Collison, Director of Talent Sourcing at Gallup


Home Gadget Geeks



5th season 

45 students

12 weeks

2 additional volunteer weeks

Opportunity to compete for paid summer internship

“We wanted to see if we could design a new way to think about summer internships”

“What would happen if we just thought differently?

Brought the kids in on Saturday… 45 kids showed up.

Taught them Javascript

Foundations for javascript development

Put them on teams

“We didn’t anticipate the power of those groups”

They work through  a winter project and come back to present in a Sharktank style

At the very end of the program they get to interview with our IT managers.


How do we reach students in underserved populations?


“We find the biggest challenge is transportation, not opportunity.  We need to contijnue to have great opportunity, but often times the kids can’t get to our building on Saturday morning.”

How do we get the kids on campus?

What Urban League did us was provide a van… that was really important.


How do you get kids involved at the grade school level?


“75% of jobs that we need the future are in software development according to Bureau of Labor Statistics…”

“I’d like to see a lot more code schools, more girls that code, that kind of thing.”


If someone were wanting to get hired in a tech position at Gallup, what advice can you give?


“We need students that finish their college degree.”

“We encourage college students have great mentors.”

“The second thing we need is better internships.  If we can have students doing code in real envirnoments, that’s what we need.  It gives them an opportunity to see what it looks like inside an organization.”

“Starting internships earlier, even in highschool.  As soon as 16, get in jobs that are running code.”


Have you seen any trends arising in tech emerging in tech?


Internships are getting locked in a year out.

In the industry, we’re hearing artificial intelligence, machine learning,

Big data – we’re just coming out of that trend.

As we look ahead for AI and machine learning, we have this incredible ability to process this data so much faster.

Bitcoin miners have pushed us toward faster AI because the technology is the same.

Gaming has also driven some advancements.

We’ve got to get smarter.. Stop reacting to data and do some more predictive analytics.


How can we support you in your efforts to build a bigger tech talent ecosystem.?

“AIM is a big player in connecting parts of the ecosystem together.  I want to see AIM keep on working to make those paths clearer. “

“Having the Brain Exchange is great, we need to continue to see a clear path from “I enjoy tech” to “I have a job in Tech.”

“Careerlink could be a great pre-job portal where it ties the opportunities in Omaha together to career paths.”