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Find the right tech career with a career coach

Jobs in the technology sector are white hot right now; tech sector jobs grew by as many as 13,500 positions as recently as November 2018. If you’re a student looking to break into an in-demand field, or just looking for a career change, a job in technology may be the right career path to pursue.

You don’t need a professional connection or a special combination of work experiences to make your way to a career in technology. What you do need to have is a willingness to work hard and learn.

If you’re looking to get into tech as a future career, a career coach may be able to give you the guidance and support you need to begin your search.

Who Benefits From a Career Coach

Coaching and mentorship is important for everyone because working with a mentor can help to build new skills, reinforce good habits, and give you a resource to go to for professional advice.

While many people think of professional coaching as something offered to those new to the workforce, in reality mentorship can continue throughout your professional career. An innovative leader like Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, was mentored by Steve Jobs.

The benefits of working with someone more experienced never dull with years.

The AIM Institute’s Brain Exchange is one resource for career coaching in technology.

Specifically, there are four ways a Tech Career Coach from the Brain Exchange can help you improve:

  • You need need help with resume writing or interviewing skills.
  • You need help identifying which jobs will suit your interests best.
  • You need help with developing skills for the technology job market.
  • You’re interested in a future career in the technology sector, even if you aren’t sure yet how that fits in your skills and plans.

Career Coaches at the Brain Exchange are available to currently enrolled students.

Benefits of Working with an AIM Career Coach

The benefits you can get from working with a Tech Career Coach at the Brain Exchange, one of the services provided by the AIM Institute, go far beyond updating your resume—but a Career Coach can help you write on that will catch the attention of future employers, too.

As a starting point, one-on-one coaching is an effective way to create a custom education plan tailored to the goals you have for yourself, and what you’ll need to do to achieve those goals. While you can create a plan on your own, a coach is able to provide the outside input and experience that can create a more well-informed and successful plan.

Additionally, you can take that plan your Career Coach helps you create and extend your knowledge by taking introductory tech education courses and workshops at AIM’s Brain Exchange.

AIM offers free tech educational experiences for students at The Brain Exchange—as long as you have a student ID, you can access the Brain Exchange to improve your job skills.

Saving the best for last, there’s absolutely no fee for working with an AIM Tech Career Coach. Your coach will be your personal guide to getting into tech and is there to answer any questions you might have about how to best prepare for the opportunities waiting for you.

Getting Started with an AIM Tech Career Coach

Getting started is as simple as filling out a short form here. Once you’ve expressed interest, a Tech Career Coach will get in touch with you to discuss what you’re interested in and how to begin educating yourself about a career in tech.

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