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Does the threat of cyber-attacks keep you up at night? Maybe it should.

Saving your data can literally save your business. These are the facts: It’s not a question of “if,” but rather “when” your business will be attacked and, according to research, only 6% of businesses that suffer a major data loss manage to survive for the long haul. The FBI estimates there are 4,000 ransomware attacks launched every day. That’s an average of one attack every 22 seconds.

Here’s the problem: Most organizations cannot justify employing the required Enterprise-level IT security experts, systems, and technologies to meet and prevent these attacks. Join us and learn how to leverage a proactive approach to mitigating attacks combined with a Disaster Recovery solution that will protect your business in the event of a breach.

By attending our Lunch & Learn you will walk away with:

• In a world full of breaches, what the current threat landscape looks like.

• How to use Disaster Recovery as a way to mitigate attacks and breaches.

• Where the threats are within current infrastructure and applications.

• With email continuing to be the most common gateway for breaches, how to educate employees on best practices to protect your business.