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Web Development Workshop provides opportunity for tech growth in Omaha

The AIM Institute is hosting a free workshop to teach web development skills to students of all backgrounds, ranging from new to professional web developers, using the curriculum from NodeSchool.io, a hands-on learning approach. Sandi Barr and Andrew Neely, who worked with the related Nebraska JavaScript Conference that concludes this Friday in Omaha, said the goal of the Nodeschool […]

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GenCyber Security Camp gets Council Bluffs students interested in tech careers

The AIM Institute and Council Bluffs Community School District have partnered to host Iowa’s first GenCyber camp. Attendees include female middle school students, as well as middle and elementary school teachers. The free, weeklong camp will build students’ knowledge of cybersecurity concepts and careers as well as the practice of correct and safe online behaviors. Teachers will gain […]

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AIM expands community reach with Interface Web School

AIM, a not-for- profit organization that grows, connects and inspires tech talent to ensure a world-class tech workforce for the region, has acquired the assets of Interface Web School. Co-founder of Interface Web School, Shonna Dorsey, has joined AIM as Vice President of Fundraising and Community Development. “Interface Web School creates for AIM another strong link in our […]

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AIM Brain Exchange to host free technology workshops for youth

AIM Institute, an innovative not-for- profit whose mission is to build thriving communities through technology, will host a series of free and fun technology experiences Dec. 5-8 for youth ages 7-17 at its Brain Exchange Building, located at 1902 Howard Street. The following sessions run 60-90 minutes, are introductory in nature and are based on interest and ability, not […]

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