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AIM/AITP scholarship winners to be recognized at Tech Celebration awards

For more than five years, AIM and the Association of Information Professionals in Omaha have partnered to award $5,000 of scholarship funds to promising college students pursuing careers in tech. The 2018 scholarship winners will be recognized this Thursday at the annual AIM Tech Celebration, with their names displayed at the gala. The students are […]

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HDC keynote speaker Audrey Crane to discuss digital transformations

Audrey Crane will be one of the keynote speakers at AIM’s Heartland Developers Conference on Friday, September 7 at 9 a.m. Crane’s talk is titled “Engineers and Designers, in Harmony” and will focus on the complex relationship between the two disciplines. “In the old days, the relationship wasn’t great, and it didn’t get better with […]

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You can’t miss these AIM HDC workshops

The 15th annual AIM Heartland Developers Conference is right around the corner, coming to Omaha on September 5-7. AIM HDC is a 3-day software development event for the Heartland’s tech professionals to reboot, relaunch and reignite their passion right in their own backyard. The event consists of keynotes and speakers, breakout sessions, networking events and […]

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Heartland Developer Conference 2018 keynote speaker Kathleen Dollard on ‘loving legacy code’

OMAHA — The Heartland Developer Conference’s 2018 keynote speaker has been a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) since 1998, and has given dozens of speeches and talks around the world. Kathleen Dollard is on the .NET Core Team at Microsoft, where she contributes to .NET Core CLI/SDK, and managed languages, and she’s written multiple articles […]

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Training seminar offers insight on accelerated learning principles

(Photo: Training from the Back of the Room session at Blueshift Innovation, Kansas City, 2018. Photo provided by Matt Kirilov/PMI Heartland Chapter.) OMAHA — Organizational leaders, trainers and instructors have a new opportunity this month to advance their training skills. “Training from the Back of the Room” is a two-day course that promises to explore the […]

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Kids build broader horizons at AIM Brain Exchange

OMAHA  — A year ago, if you would have asked a group of 6th graders at Liberty Elementary School if they ever thought they could build a computer, they might have given you some strange looks. Today, they would give you instructions. “You screw everything in, wire it in, put the buttons in,” 12-year-old Da’Shawn […]

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Highlander grad says coding class helped provide focus for her future

(Photo: Rosharra Owens at Iowa Western Community College, May 9, 2018.) COUNCIL BLUFFS – For Rosharra Owens, learning to build websites was part of rebuilding her life after a series of unfortunate events left her living in a homeless shelter, and feeling stuck. “It was crazy. I don’t know how I’ve been able to do […]

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Ask-a-Dev meetup offers mentoring from local programmers

Junior developers in Omaha now have a new opportunity to get mentoring, ask questions and find guidance on the journey of learning programming. Ask-a-Dev is a meetup where developers can come meet one-on-one with more experienced programmers. The Omaha meetup will take place Sunday, May 6, at Urban Abbey in downtown Omaha. Ask-a-Dev has meetups […]

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