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How to answer everyone’s least favorite interview question

More often than not, interviews will follow a standard flow and line of questioning. You’ll be asked about previous positions you’ve worked, highest level of education you’ve achieved, relevant skills for the position, and questions about why you’re leaving or left your previous job. Along with the standard banter, there are always a few questions […]

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How Volunteering Can Give You An Advantage In The Job Market

When it comes to finding a job in a labor market which seems to be ever more cramped, it’s vital to make sure that your resume stands out to all recruiters and employers who might read it. It’s no longer the case that a part-time job will cut it: now, it’s necessary to go above […]

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Find the right tech career with a career coach

Jobs in the technology sector are white hot right now; tech sector jobs grew by as many as 13,500 positions as recently as November 2018. If you’re a student looking to break into an in-demand field, or just looking for a career change, a job in technology may be the right career path to pursue. […]

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10 Job Hunting Tips for Soon-to-Be College Grads

Before you know it, spring graduation ceremonies will commence for college seniors. And with those ceremonies will come a whole new era of candidates entering the job market. If you’re a student on the hunt for what you’ll do once your time at your university wraps up, there’s good news: The job market right now […]

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Eric Swanson, aka Deejay Sweetlife, Engineers Happiness through Technology Thanks to AIM Code School

He wanted to know “how the things that control us work.” He took a 12-week Java class at AIM Code School. Then he took another one on web development. And then, everything began to fall into place. Over the years, Eric Swanson has gone from marching the storied lawns of West Point to playing guitar […]

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Five Traits of a Great Employer

Each year, a wide variety of publications and groups release their list of the best employers in the United States, as well as across the globe. For 2018, Forbes’ top five best employers in America included Michelin, Trader Joe’s, Google, Principal Financial, and Costco. That specific survey asked employees about their perception of their workplace […]

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Tech-first job skills for the modern worker

In the United States, we have the largest market for technology jobs in the entire world, representing 31% of the total across the globe. As technology’s importance in the workplace has increased and shifted, the skills that people need for success in a tech-first environment have already adjusted. Similarly, the idea behind what it means […]

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Thinking about a career in nursing? Find out if it’s right for you.

A quick search for “nursing” on Careerlink results in over 900 available positions. If you’re new to the medical and nursing fields, or even if you’re looking to gain new training and advance your position, you likely have a lot of questions about making the move. First Steps in Exploring a Career in Nursing Whether […]

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