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Factors that Influence Job Satisfaction

When it comes to attaining job satisfaction, it’d be good to remind yourself of the old adage: “Be careful what you wish for.” The pursuit of status and high pay can be a road block on your journey to job satisfaction. Studies have found that the most satisfying jobs fulfill our psychological needs–not just fill […]

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Why It Might be Okay to Pokemon Go at Work

It’s official: the Pokemon Go app spent 20 days as the most popular app in the U.S. Apple app store. (Now, it’s No. 2.) And, its popularity has led to the completely predictable urban legends, memes and, of course, people naming their babies after Pokemon monsters. There’s even Pokemon in war-torn Syria.

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3 Tips for Improving Resilience in the Workplace

Resilience is the ability to recover from a negative event that life throws at you. According to a recent infographic by happify, having strong resilience helps you bounce back faster and allows you to enjoy your life more, increasing mental health and wellness. This week we’re exploring how to achieve resilience at work.

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AIM Careerlink Announces New Networking Events

RSVP for AIM Careerlink Tech Mixer and win a $50 Amazon gift card AIM Careerlink is reimagining networking events with a new Mixer Series. Omaha professionals are invited to the premier event, a tech-themed mixer, on Wednesday, August 3 from 4-6 p.m. on the 7th floor of the AIM Exchange building at 1905 Harney Street. Those […]

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When Should Leaders Be Vulnerable?

Vulnerability has many negative connotations. It evokes feelings of weakness, risk and surrender. We often equate leadership with strength, certainty and defense. Is there any time when it makes sense to be vulnerable as a leader? Is there a place for vulnerability in the workplace? It’s worth noting that some of the most meaningful parts […]

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Leading Extroverts

Are you a natural introvert leading a team with one or more extroverts on it? We often find it easier to empathize with people who share our personality traits, and we tend to avoid people who are different than us. However, avoiding different people means that we miss out on their special gifts.

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Utilizing your strengths and your team

How can we be the best in our current role? Every role in a company requires many strengths, but we can’t be everything to everybody. Sometimes we have to realize that to be the best we have to utilize our team, rather than trying to do everything on our own. This week we’ve laid out […]

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Achieving intrinsic fulfillment

Are you a high-performance individual wondering what’s next? You may reach a certain point where you analyze your career and find that you lack fulfillment. You’re not alone. Many people in today’s culture think that a new car, money in the bank or a fancy job title will make them happy; however, studies show that […]

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