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Benefits of a workplace mentorship program

Both new employees and long-time team members can enjoy the benefits of a workplace mentorship program.

No matter what size of business you’re involved with, developing the talents and skills of your existing workforce is a critical part of your long-term company’s success. In most cases, it’s more efficient, less costly, and more productive to better train the employees you have than to try to replace them with new hires.

The question you have to answer is how to help enhance and improve your workplace for your team. Benefits are important in retaining employees, and your culture also goes a long way.

Developing the next generation in the community and in your workplace can be done through mentorship programs. Here’s how both employees and employers can benefit.

Benefits of a Workplace Mentorship Program

Companies who implement a mentorship program within their organization can create a positive environment that benefits both new and long-time employees alike. Here are a few ways your team can benefit:

  • New employees get connected with established employees who can help transfer your workplace culture.
  • Established employees can benefit from the relationship as well, as they learn from new employees who bring new, original approaches and mindsets to issues.
  • A mentor/mentee relationship can generate mutual respect between teams, divisions, and new and senior team members.

If your company doesn’t already use a mentorship program, we’ll cover a few tips to get started in the next section.

Developing an Internal Program

Developing an internal mentor/mentee program for new hires can be done simply, by following a few guidelines to create long-term and successful results.

Depending on your company’s size and how large your new class of employees is at any given point in time, you can look to pair one long-term employee with each new employee.

This kind of setup can be a valuable resource to not only help authentically introduce your workplace culture, but also give new employees a resource to ask the questions about your company they may not want to bring to Human Resources during their initial orientation.

Before you begin, start at your top level of management to get their buy-in in the program; if the idea isn’t supported in the C suite, that attitude will flow down to middle management and beyond.

As you pair employees together, it may best to pair people with similar work/life experiences. However, while you can look to pair up employees who work in a similar department, don’t match people in the same chain of command (for example, asking a new employee’s direct manager to be their mentor).

Encouraging Growth Through Outside Programs

Encouraging your workplace culture through an internal mentorship program isn’t the only way you can help develop your employee’s skills. You can also encourage your team to take part in programs outside of your company.

Connecting your employees with your community can aid not only your firm’s development, but also aid the development of the community around you.

Here are two ideas to get your team started:

IT Leadership Academy

IT professionals in your organization can enroll in AIM’s IT Academy to learn new professional and leadership skills.

AIM Institute College Access Programs

Middle-school through high school low income, first-generation youth can receive support as they work toward a post-college career through AIM’s College Access Programs.

While these are only two starter ideas, there are many more opportunities for your organization to get more involved in your community, both to help others and to help make your company a more meaningful place for your team to work.

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