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Posted by AIM Careerlink on Friday, December 18, 2015

7 Questions Successful Jobseekers Ask Themselves Before an Interview


Do you really want this job? Why? What makes you a good fit? Make sure you ask yourself questions like these before you walk into an interview.

Getting to Know Omaha Code School’s Highlander Program


The Highlander program strives to create a community with its students. Learn more about this summer program that is dedicated to teaching the basics of web development to North Omaha high school students aging from incoming freshmen to graduating seniors.

What Startups Look for When They Hire


Have you ever thought about working for a startup? Check out what Straight Shot, Viirt and Travefy have to say about what they look for when hiring.


Meet software engineer and IT innovator Kat Slump

Photo by Ben Stevinson

“If it’s not in my Google calendar it’s not happening.” Read how software engineer and IT innovator Kat Slump balances a full school schedule while working at two startups, and how she’s managing to take the local startup scene by storm.


5 Steps to your next Great Hire


Hiring can be a long and painful process. But when you have a clear job description and the right tools to analyze your candidates, it makes it a lot easier! Find the right candidate, fast with these 5 tips on hiring through AIM Careerlink.