Why Culture is the Key to a Successful DevOps Transformation

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  • May 31, 2018

We have reached a point where DevOps is no longer a competitive advantage. DevOps is now table stakes. More and more companies have embarked on their DevOps transformation journeys, but only a few have successfully reached the point of continuously deploying their code into production. This is because DevOps isn’t something you can implement overnight and expect your company to be transformed within a short period of time.

For a successful DevOps transformation a company needs to focus on the technology, process, and most importantly the culture. Although, both technology and process are important, culture is typically the hardest to get right. A good DevOps culture can only be established if everyone at your company (not just the development teams), fully embraces the DevOps philosophy.

This talk will focus on how adapting to the DevOps “mindset” and truly believing in it, is the key to a successful DevOps transformation. Come find out how you can help your organization embrace a culture change that will give them a competitive advantage in their domain.