Using Redux for Your React Native Application Wisely

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  • May 31, 2018

When our team started writing our first React Native application, it was simple and was developed quickly. As new features were added, we realized the code was getting messy and cluttered. We had too many states to manage and lots of application logic all over the place. What were we missing? Then we heard about Redux. Redux is a stable state management solution that can be easily integrated into your React Native application. Redux makes your code much more maintainable and extensible. Refactoring our code to use Redux was the best decision our team took towards creating a superior and clean codebase. It helps you write applications consistently that are easier to test. Redux uses principles that we already know, but wraps them around in a simplistic and usable library. Although Redux is a powerful state management solution, we need to use it with caution and remember that not all states belong in the Redux store. In this session we will learn what Redux is all about, common Redux pitfalls, and a demo of integrating Redux with a simple React Native application. Tags: React Native, Mobile Development, Javascript, Redux