​Bringing Digital Strategy to the C-Suite

Speaker: Joe Olsen – Phenomblue

Time: Thursday Sept. 10, 4:15pm

Session Overview:

There is a growing concern in today’s business environment that the IT function is losing ground at the executive table – relegated to a support or product function instead of a strategic asset to help the company grow. Most technology professionals lack the understanding and skills necessary to participate in, much less lead, strategic conversations at the C-level.

As a strategic consultant working with CEOs all over the country, Joe Olsen has had the opportunity to see this first hand. As someone who has transitioned throughout his career from engineer to sales executive to CEO, he will impart some wisdom and provide a framework for enhancing your career as a strategic thinker.

This session will cover the following:

  • Understanding how IT can influence and lead the strategic plan for an organization. Technology adoption and influence in our culture has fundamentally changed how organizations work and interact with employees and customers which positions IT for a greater role.
  • How to think like a CEO – Focus on strategic planning principles, long-tail resolution discovery and desired outcome planning.
  • How to build your personal brand to put yourself/your team into position to use these skills to influence and lead change in an organization.