Session 207: Real-Time Web Apps With AngularJS, Firebase and AngularFire

Speaker: Jim Welborn – Capstone Consulting, Inc.

Time: Friday Sept 5 11:15pm

Session Overview:

“Firebase is a real-time application platform allowing developers to build real-time,
collaborative apps using only client-side code. Firebase provides an API that lets developers store application data in a tree-like data structure that is automatically synchronized to the Firebase cloud servers and to any other clients that are listening to changes on that data. This allows for writing data-driven single-page apps that update in real-time in response to other users’ actions.

In this session, we will create a real-time, collaborative mobile app using AngularJS, demonstrating AngularFire’s automatic synchronization of changes to local JavaScript objects to Firebase without having to explicitly call any methods at all.”

What To Bring

Power and wireless internet will be provided. Please bring your own laptop PC or Mac.