Introduction to React Native – Build your Mobile App with Javascript and React

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  • May 31, 2018

Mobile Application development is becoming frustrating with the need to have multiple code bases for multiple platforms. You need expertise in objective c, swift, java and what not, just to support Android and iOS. Multiple teams, different codebases and lots of time, just to make sure your app works well cross-platforms.

Let’s cut all that out and jump right into React Native. What if I told you we can build high quality native apps, really fast and efficiently cross-platforms using your favorite language – Javascript.

Yes you heard me right – Native Apps completely powered by Javascript.

With React Native you can build high quality native iOS, Android and Windows apps, with Javascript!

React Native created by Facebook is already popular and plenty of apps are using it, from established companies to hot new startups. Airbnb, Instagram, Walmart, UberEats and so on just to name a few.

The biggest perk among the many other perks, is code sharing between iOS and Android. In my experience about 95% of code is shared with minor tweaks based on the platform.

In this session we will learn all about how to get started with React Native, my experiences building React Native apps and how it saved our startup massive amounts of time in building our apps with limited resources, a demo of a simple app, and getting involved with the community. If you are already a web developer, by the end of this session you are all set to get started with your first mobile app, all written in Javascript.