The Importance of Data and Beautiful User Experiences

Speaker: Shen Chauhan – Microsoft

Time: Thursday Sept. 10  |  9:00am

Keynote description:

Join Shen on this journey of explaining why you should care about data and creating beautiful experiences when developing your application. The keynote will explain why data is more important than ever, especially if you want to innovate and how user experiences are the key to driving success – regardless of your application genre.


Shen ChauhanFor the last 7 years Shen has worked for Microsoft, starting his career at Microsoft UK where he was a specialist in UX development helping customers develop and design the best of breed applications. 3 years into his Microsoft career Shen changed roles to Senior Consultant – Development Lead where he lead large development team in delivering multi-million dollar projects ranging from various industry sectors from retail, finance, media, government and many others. In early 2014 Shen moved to the Developer Experience (DX) division in Redmond, Washington. Shen is now a Senior Program Manager in the Engineering Engagement and Evangelism team specializing in the Universal Windows Platform and Windows Store.

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