Coding lessons from the Grammar Police

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  • May 15, 2018

“Let’s roll, Grandma” vs “Let’s roll Grandma.” If you forget the comma, someone starts tumbling down a hill and breaks a hip.

Millions of dollars have been lost, and human lives have undoubtedly been impacted by software defects which have been introduced because of poor grammar or sloppy word choices. Domain-driven design and other software modeling approaches require developers to leverage broad vocabularies to properly describe data models, actions, and relationships. Poorly worded software requirements or user stories can cause dangerously incorrect interpretations to surface in production systems.

In this talk Jim will recount several real-world examples of software projects that were negatively influenced by novice grammarians. Jim will showcase common pitfalls that developers encounter when attempting to author quality software in frequently changing, dynamic environments with emerging requirements.

Whether you’re a grammar neophyte or a full-fledged grammar fascist, you will either be educated or entertained by the world of grammar police coding.