Workshop Overview

AIM Infotec in conjunction with AIM Interface Web School is proud to provide instructor Gordon Summers, machine learning expert from Contemporary Analysis.

Drag and Drop Machine Learning is a one-day, instructor-led training to teach machine learning using tools on the market that leverage drag and drop interfaces instead of code-based machine learning.

The workshop will cover:

This course will use one of those tools, Dataiku, in order to learn about the core concepts of machine learning. While there will be some specific Dataiku training around navigation, the goal of the training is to teach setting up a model, executing machine learning, and analyzing the results.

The class will be interactive with opportunities to build what is being demonstrated. Participants are expected to provide their own equipment and be able to install the software. The Dataiku version we will use is the “community” version with no cost to use.


Meet Your Instructor

Joshua Bradley
Gordon Summers is a seasoned machine learning expert with over two decades of experience implementing analytics solutions at a Fortune 200 company. In his free time, he enjoys rock climbing and reading geology books.