Workshop Overview

The Docker Orchestration Workshop is a one-day, instructor-led training designed to help newer users to docker learn the basic skills about the tool, build a cluster and deploy a sample application. Held on Wednesday, September 6, the workshop is designed to be hands-on and includes step-by-step instructions to work through multiple labs. Be sure to bring your laptop, a power supply and your willingness to learn!

Fee: The workshop can be purchased as a stand-alone training for $425 per person or bundled with the full HDC registration for $675 per person.

The workshop will cover:

  • Getting started: Running containers and docker-compose
  • Scaling out with Swarm Mode and Services
  • Operating the Swarm and Apps (networks, troubleshooting)
  • Getting deeper with Swarm (rolling updates, secrets)

To complete the labs in the workshop, you will need the following prerequisites:

  • Computer with internet connection and a web browser
  • An SSH client to connect to remote machines
    >> Linux, Mac OS X, FreeBSD: you are probably all set
    >> Windows: Putty, Microsoft Win32 OpenSSH, Git BASH, or MobaXterm
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Meet Your Instructor

Joshua Bradley
The Docker Orchestration Workshop will be led by Joshua Bradley, VP of engineering at Nebulaworks. There, he splits time between building modern scaled out CaaSs and keeping the sales team from promising people the moon. Trained by Docker’s master tinkerer in the usage of containers, he has since trained over 500 others to build and deploy apps the Docker way. In a previous life, he helped design high-performance storage systems for some of the world’s largest web sites and enterprises. When not building blazing fast software deployment pipelines, you will find him behind a camera looking for the location of his next photoshoot.


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