Training Overview

The Docker Orchestration with Kubernetes course is a one-day, instructor-led training designed to help newer users to docker learn the basic skills about the tool, build a Kubernetes cluster and deploy a sample application. Held on Wednesday, September 5, the training is designed to be hands-on and includes step-by-step instructions to work through multiple labs. Be sure to bring your laptop, a power supply and your willingness to learn!

Fee: The course can be purchased as a stand-alone training for $475 per person or bundled with the full HDC registration for $725 per person.

The training will cover:

  • Getting started: Running containers and building images
  • Basic Kubernetes concepts including the kubectl CLI
  • Running and exposing containers on Kubernetes
  • Scaling deployments and application management

To complete the labs in the workshop, you will need the following prerequisites:

  • Computer with internet connection and a web browser
  • An SSH client to connect to remote machines
    >> Linux, Mac OS X, FreeBSD: you are probably all set
    >> Windows: Putty, Microsoft Win32 OpenSSH, Git BASH, or MobaXterm
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Meet Your Instructor

Anthony Ramirez
The Docker – Kubernetes training will be led by Anthony Ramirez, Senior Cloud Engineer at Nebulaworks.

At Nebulaworks, Anthony is focused on helping customers deploy applications and services using software defined continuous deployment pipelines. Building scripts to automate processes and leveraging tooling that supports infrastructure as code is an advantageous paradigm that allows the creation of reproducible application workflows. While frequently working in cloud platforms, he continually gains further insights into the cloud platform landscape and the mechanisms motivating the creation of new services.
As an undergraduate student at University of California, Irvine, Anthony studied Computer Science with a focus on developing distributed applications and exploring applications of machine learning solutions to real-world problems. Prior to joining Nebulaworks, Anthony held several internships, including one at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. His daily engagements with clients has helped him develop a more refined perspective of how software is implemented and distributed. In his words, “Developing applications is an elaborate process that requires a hint of creativity along with an understanding of a programming language’s design patterns.”
In his spare time, Anthony enjoys skateboarding, running, and surfing to stay in shape when the weather permits. He can also be seen tinkering with technologies such as building circuits with the Arduino platform, creating voice interfaces with Amazon Echo and learning new programming languages.


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