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Join us for CreativeMornings/Omaha!

We all experience chaos.

Life leads to chaos when not managed.

Chaos typically leads to stress, and stress hinders the brain’s capacity to be creative.

With the intent of running a long-term business, staying (happily) married, raising three kids, and making a positive impact – let alone getting a goodnight sleep – Dave approaches it all as if it’s another project to design.

• Set an overarching goal to know our why

• List priorities for easier decision making

• Future-forecasting challenges to increase chances of overcoming them

On Sept. 21, look at chaos in a new way, and walk away with a framework to design your own day/life.

About Dave:

Dave Nelson, a former professional skateboarder, is the Founder and Creative Director of SecretPenguin, an experiential branding agency.

In the 90s, he got beat up for being a skateboarder and artist. After that, he traveled the world skateboarding and doing art for the skateboard companies he was endorsed by. Since 2000, he has overseen the creation/refinement of over 200 brands.

He lives in Omaha and is married to Sara Jean. They have a daughter named Olive Jane and 2 sons named Baby Bob and Arthur.

Everyone is creative. Everyone is welcome.
All CreativeMorning events are free.