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The tech industry is filtering applicants with skills-based interviews

With the constant changes in education and technology, more graduates appear “competent” compared to past batches. The assumption is that these graduates will not be part of the 3.7 percent of the population who are unemployed. This is even more important for those in the tech industry where a person’s technical skills can make or break their chances […]

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7 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Writing a Cover Letter

Nowadays, the job market is a competitive place to be. Some jobs, especially in the tech industry, can receive hundreds of applications, even for an entry-level role. So how are you supposed to stand out as a job seeker? One answer is your cover letter. While a cover letter might be forgotten about by most […]

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Project 18 releases preliminary survey results on women in the Omaha tech work force

(Photo: Project 18 organizers announce preliminary results at DoSpace.)   OMAHA — Preliminary results of the Project 18 workforce survey show that many women in Omaha tech and tech-adjacent jobs say that gender has been a factor in negative workplace experiences like missing out on raises and promotions, and in some cases, being taken less […]

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New report: More than 50% of recent hires landed their current job in two months or less

According to a new survey from Clutch, a B2B research, ratings, and reviews company, more than half of recently hired employees (58%) say their job search lasted two months or less. The findings show that current job seekers spend less time searching and interviewing due to low unemployment rates. As open positions outnumber applicants, companies […]

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Tips from Top CEOs for Success in the Tech Industry

11.5 million people in the United States work in the technology industry, so it’s no surprise that many of them might feel lost in the crowd. But for those with drive and ambition, tech can offer a speedier path to the corner office than other industries. After all, where else do you so often hear […]

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Local tech CEO says these three traits will get you hired

Sue Thaden is the founder and CEO of CRI Solutions, and in that role, has been a leader and innovator on the Silicon Prairie for nearly 20 years. She recently talked to Silicon Prairie News about one of her company’s latest successes: Startup From Now On, and its mobile app that is taking the college […]

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HDC keynote speaker Doug Durham to talk about structures for software development success

LINCOLN — Doug Durham, Chief Technology Officer at Don’t Panic Labs, will be featured as the afternoon keynote speaker on September 6 at AIM’s upcoming Heartland Developer Conference. Durham’s scheduled talk is titled “Be a Hero — Stop Being the Development Villain.” “The title is a bit provocative, this idea of going from villain to […]

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